Saturday, April 3, 2010

These four walls....

oh, my dear friends, i will start off by expression my deep apologies for being so terribly scarce! My job can get very demanding at times..and the only reason i'm able to blog now is cause my dear boyfriend had to come in to work to do some after a DELICIOUS Mcdonalds lunch..i decided to tag along and send some love and prettiness your way!

Ok, so i have been spending a lot of time on Design Sponge lately..they have a SUPER DIY section, so check that out, and they also have a categories list in which u can find some real creative gems. I have a huuuuge crush on wallpaper, as well as wall paper design! Id love to design my own range at some point in this short life.

Wallpaper has the divine ability to make any room look..well...just amazing!! From the simplest of simple to the most intricate of intricate, they brighten, they create mood and warmth and what a better way to create a little "world" inside you're own home? Let these gorgeous wallpapers inspire you, to not be afraid of those 4 walls that surround you ;) x n

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