Saturday, April 3, 2010

Christmas in April

I knooooow these are christmassy, but i just HAD TO share them cause they make me smile and think about snow, hot chocolate, ginger biscuits, fleesy PJ's, warm duvets and ringing bells...with an EDGE hehee. Love it when photography and spaces stir emotion in me x n

These four walls....

oh, my dear friends, i will start off by expression my deep apologies for being so terribly scarce! My job can get very demanding at times..and the only reason i'm able to blog now is cause my dear boyfriend had to come in to work to do some after a DELICIOUS Mcdonalds lunch..i decided to tag along and send some love and prettiness your way!

Ok, so i have been spending a lot of time on Design Sponge lately..they have a SUPER DIY section, so check that out, and they also have a categories list in which u can find some real creative gems. I have a huuuuge crush on wallpaper, as well as wall paper design! Id love to design my own range at some point in this short life.

Wallpaper has the divine ability to make any room look..well...just amazing!! From the simplest of simple to the most intricate of intricate, they brighten, they create mood and warmth and what a better way to create a little "world" inside you're own home? Let these gorgeous wallpapers inspire you, to not be afraid of those 4 walls that surround you ;) x n

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For the ladies

Courtesy of Jessie Ford these stunning illustrations are so simple and almost childish, but gorgeous and exactly how i feel most days-the second one anyway hehee :) x n

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tea for two, two for tea.

I am an avid tea LOVER. Tea takes my problems away, it helps me sleep, it bonds me with my girls over many maaaany cups, sweet tasties and good conversation. I love tea, all kinds of tea and im not sure why im thinking about it on a 38 degree day, but maybe that just re-inforces my love for the delicious and soothing hot beverage. I came across these precious little tea pots, mugs and cosies and had to share. There is nothing better than sipping a cup of tea, made with love, out of a beautiful mug. These are exactly that. You can find these and more cutesy little tea party creations at Poppy Treffry. Today though, i think i'll stick to ICE tea x n

Friday, March 5, 2010

the kissing tree..

how cute is this? I came across a great blog called kiss the groom..and they have this little ornate "kissing tree" where you can go and write your name, your affection, and your partners name and it emails you you very own kissing tree. I was the 4570th kiss. Check mine out below, and yes, my bf's name is nic x n

smooch the brooch

I have an undefined love for brooches and crafts and all things i can pin or add to can outfit to make it juuuust that little bit more special. Sooo its NO surprise that when I went to the design indaba expo last weekend after the awesome conference I nearly died when i saw these ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS little gems! These crafted to graphic, clean, crafted to perfection and elegant brooches by Trinket Design are SOOoo unique and definitely one of kind. If u cant understand why im so excited about her work...then check out the site and gallery and see for urself! PS: the little deer gets me everytime...its too precious! x n

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

oh so beautiful paper

Seeing as i work for a bridal magazine i spend a lot of my time on wedding blogs and sites and i am an avid lover of paper craft and stationary. I came across these letter presses on oh so beautiful paper and they are so elegantly simple yet just perfect and make me feel so warm and smiley inside. I hope to one day be able to design some stationary of my very own! I just get sooo excited at the thought of one day creating my very own wedding stationary, i will truly be in my element :) these truly are og so beautiful, check out their website x n

yay yay.

I finally managed to figure out how to make this page look ever so slightly more respectable! thank goodness. this blog thing can be quite a task to wrap my head around, iv been wanting to do it for some time now, but have never just took the time to focus. i think now is the time, so here's to great blogging and happy reading x n
ps: an image i came across that made me smile today..

eak. daunting.

hi all. this is my first ever attempt at the what seems to be UNIVERSE of blogging and i have noooo clue how to do, well...anything a bit of a clutz if i could say so..but i will get there :) wish me luck x n